Nondominant arm on the forehand

Nondominant arm on the forehand

11/15/2012 | Written by: uspta

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Nondominant arm on the forehand

Check out this video featuring USPTA Professional Mark Bey talking about the role of the nondominant arm when hitting forehands.


Have you witnessed some of your players using their nondominant arm improperly when hitting a forehand? Have you seen them swinging the nondominant arm across the body? Or maybe they simply keep it down on the side? Perhaps you saw them doing other moves that caused poor contact point, loss of balance or rotation?

The nondominant arm plays many roles in forehand technique. This week we have Mark Bey with a tip on how to use the nondominant arm when hitting a modern forehand. Check out the video below and hear what he has to say!

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