The slice backhand-The “L” shape

The slice backhand-The “L” shape

05/07/2013 | Written by: uspta

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S56-08-Rick_Macci-Slice_Backhand-L_Shape-Mobile.mp4-thumb-1The slice backhand – The “L” shape

Check out this video featuring USPTA Master Professional Rick Macci explaining the L-shape position on the one-handed slice backhand preparation.


The one-handed backhand slice is a challenging shot for many players, especially for those accustomed to using a two-handed backhand.  A good place to begin working on this shot is at the preparation stage. Is your player preparing correctly? Is her arm, elbow and racquet in the right position before starting the forward swing?

We have Rick Macci this week talking about the “L-shape” which describes the position of the arm and racquet on the take back for the one-handed backhand slice. Macci explains that having the elbow away from the body creates proper spacing for an efficient high-to-low swinging path. Use simple tips on the preparation and execution to help players develop/improve a successful one-handed slice.

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