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This volley drill demonstrated by the World No.1 doubles team, the Bryan Brothers, focuses on volleying from behind the service line and hitting to a target (working on accuracy). This drill can be performed defensively by hitting 50 volleys in a row or offensively by hitting straight at ... (Wayne Bryan) | 60317 Views

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Learn how to hit a slice serve and learn the advantages of this particular serve from USPTA Professional Otis Sadler. (Otis Sadler)

This video tip features the technical elements required for hitting an effective topspin forehand in today's modern game. (Rick Macci)

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This clip provides an explanation of the continental grip and its use for touch shots. (USPTA)

Here is Sophie Woorons-Johnston, Ph.D., offering a checklist of solutions for when you are having problems with the serve. (Sophie Woorons-Johnston)

There is no question that tennis is a game of movement. Here is Mark Kovacs, Ph.D., talking about the variety of movements on the tenn... (Mark Kovacs)

In this drill, Rick Macci focuses on improving the angle of a player's shot off the backhand side. He discusses how to counter an angl... (Rick Macci)

Master Professional Jim Parker gives a full 45-minute lesson on how to improve a player's shot selection. In this lesson, he incorpora... (Jim Parker)

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