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This volley drill demonstrated by the World No.1 doubles team, the Bryan Brothers, focuses on volleying from behind the service line and hitting to a target (working on accuracy). This drill can be performed defensively by hitting 50 volleys in a row or offensively by hitting straight at ... (Wayne Bryan) | 76004 Views

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USPTA Professional Hank Pfister discusses the tactic of placement and how it is applied with volleys. This video tip covers placement ... (Hank Pfister)

Brett Hobden illustrates the ideal target placement for drop shots and explains why crosscourt is often the best option, particularly ... (Brett Hobden)

Rick Macci, a USPTA Master Professional, explains the importance of having good timing when hitting a modern forehand shot. (Rick Macci)

The term "slot" is defined and explained as it relates to the modern forehand shot. The slot is the ideal racquet position a... (Rick Macci)

Master Professional Rick Macci explains and demonstrates the positioning of the racquet face at the point of contact for a modern fore... (Rick Macci)

The coil, or unit turn, in the modern forehand is explained in this video tip, along with the proper positioning of the wrist and fore... (Rick Macci)

The swing path of today's forehand determines the amoung of topspin imparted on the ball. Rick Macci explains and demonstrates how ste... (Rick Macci)

Rick Macci explains the different types of situations and conditions that might affect a player's technique when hitting a forehand. (Rick Macci)

The kinetic chain and its role in the execution of the modern forehand is discussed by Rick Macci in this clip. Macci defines the kine... (Rick Macci)

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