Tennis Resources is the world’s premier search engine for all things tennis. This website serves as a search engine through which you can find exclusive educational and instructional videos, audio material, articles and drill diagrams related to all levels and aspects of the game of tennis.

The media available in the Tennis Resources database includes high-quality technical, tactical and strategic instruction, tips on the physical and mental development of a player, and information on business and facility management, all from some of the nation’s most knowledgeable teaching professionals. TennisResources.com is the only site in the world where you can find hundreds upon hundreds of educational tennis materials of this quality, all in one central location. It’s easy to use because of its YouTube-like functioning, and it appeals to everyone because of the simplicity of its interface.

What kinds of materials can I find in TennisResources.com?

  • Lessons and drills
  • One-minute tennis tips
  • Video interviews with some of the nation’s top tennis coaches
  • Webinars on a variety of topics such as teaching, business and facility management, mental toughness, etc.
  • Helpful teaching articles from ADDvantage magazine, the official publication of the USPTA
  • Audio seminars from the USPTA’s annual World Conference on Tennis
  • A variety of drills designed to help improve players of all levels, complete with diagrams and descriptions for each drill
  • Slow-motion video footage of professional players’ strokes for closer analysis
  • Chart templates (draws, match charts, etc.)
  • Full episodes of the “”On Court with USPTA”” TV show that airs on the Tennis Channel
  • Full seminars from the USPTA’s annual World Conference on Tennis
  • Full USPTA Specialty Courses