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Who is this site designed for?

Tennis Resources was developed for teaching professionals and tennis players of all levels, from beginner to high performance. Whether you’re a teaching pro for 10 and Under Tennis players or competitive juniors and adults, the information available through this site is a valuable tool that will help add another dimension to your teaching knowledge. This site is an ideal reference for high performance coaches and those who teach the modern game.

Players wanting to improve their game and get additional instruction and tips will also benefit from this site. The “On Court with USPTA” videos and one-minute video tips found in this site are geared toward helping players improve their games.

Anyone interested in learning more about the game of tennis can benefit from the educational media content found in this website.

How to use this site

Finding Resources

Keyword Search
To perform a keyword search, just type in the keywords that describe the desired resources into the search box, for example “Backhand serve.” Keyword search results are determined by relevance, like a Google search.  With a keyword search you can be as specific or broad as you like. You can also combine filters with keyword searches.

You can use the filters to narrow down results to find what you are looking for. For example, if you where to start by selecting  “Free” as the access level, this would result in a list of all the resources that are free to view. If you then also filter by “Serve”, this would result in a list of all resources that are Free and related to Serve. There is no limit to the number of filters you can use. You can also combine filters with keyword searches.

Membership Details and Rates

As a paid member of Tennis Resources, you have unlimited access to the highest quality educational tennis material available in the industry.

You will notice as you use this website that some media are identified with a green unlock icon, some with a red lock icon, and others with a yellow shopping cart.

The red lock icon designates premium content that can only be fully accessed by registered members. Premium content includes valuable drills, exclusive interviews with some of the nation’s most renowned teaching professionals, and video clips from the industry’s leading instructional television show, “On Court with USPTA.” Registered users with paid premium memberships have full, unlimited access to both non-premium and premium content in the site.

The green unlock icon indicates free content that is available to guests and members alike.

The yellow shopping cart icon indicates “Pay Per Video” content.  To access these items, users must purchase them separately, whether member or guest.

Wherever you see a dark blue box with the text “For Credit”, this indicates that the video can be viewed for USPTA educational credit.  You may only get credit once for viewing a video, and you will have a choice when you click on the post whether you want to view for credit or not.  If viewing for credit, the play controls are modified so that you may not skip any portions of the video.

Other benefits of being a registered member include the ability to:

  • Leave comments about media
  • Share content with others by sending it via email
  • Bookmark media posts so that you may quickly find the content that is most useful to you.

The benefits of registering for Tennis Resources are invaluable to both tennis players and coaches alike. Players benefit from having access to drills, tips and specific playing advice from America’s top teaching professionals, thus enhancing their education as tennis players and taking their game to the next level. Pros and coaches benefit with access to drills, teaching tips and educational information that will help them develop better lessons and expand their knowledge as a coach.

Memberships to the site are available in three categories:

  • FREE: All users can sample our free content.
  • Premium membership (free as part of the USPTA membership)
    • Quarterly: $29.99
    • Annually: $99.00
  • Pay Per Video
    • On Court with USPTA episodes: $2.99-4.99 (member price) 9.99-12.99 (non-member price)
    • USPTA Seminars: $4.99 (member price) 12.99 (non-member price)
    • USPTA Specialty Courses: $14.99 (member price), 24.99 (non-member price)

I cannot see the video or hear the audio when I try and play a file.

If you are having trouble hearing or seeing the videos, it may be because your computer does not meet the minimum requirements to support the videos. We recommend a broadband Internet connection.

Can I transfer video clips to my iPod, Zune or other portable hand devices?

The videos on the site are fully compatible with and can be viewed on most portable platforms such as iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as long as they have a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi connection. Due to licensing and technical restrictions however, the videos cannot be transferred to these devices.

Why am I not allowed to view some of the clips on the site?

Some of the clips on are designated as Premium content that is only accessible by registered members who have a paid membership to the site. You will notice that the list of clips that appears either on the home page or on a search results page are marked with green unlock icons or red lock icons. The green clips are accessible to all users, while the red clips are the Premium clips only viewable by paid members. If you would like to view the Premium clips, you may upgrade your membership and subscribe at any time.

Can I save content on my computer?

Although you cannot save content on your computer, registered users are allowed to save videos and other content to a “Bookmarks” list in their online account. Once you have clicked on the video or file you would like to save, click the Bookmark link below the media description to save the post to your bookmarks. Registered users can also share content with others by sending them via email under the “Share” tab.