The Overhead

The Overhead

07/10/2009 | Written by: uspta

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The Overhead
The Overhead

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As a coach, you may have noticed that the least practiced shot among players is the overhead. So, when a player is forced to hit an overhead shot during a match, his or her confidence in the stroke is low, which will often result in losing the point.

This week, we highlight the overhead as the featured shot on Here, you’ll find more than 30 video tips, seminar clips, drills and articles dedicated to helping you and your students build a better overhead.

Visit and enter the word “overhead” into the Quick Search field. You’ll see helpful resources on technique, drills and tactical tips all related to the overhead. By reviewing these resources and incorporating them into your daily lessons and practice sessions, your players will gain the necessary consistency and skill to hit winning overheads.

Video description: In this video, Master Professional Jim Parker reviews and demonstrates four different drills coaches can use to help improve a player’s overhead skills. The four practice drills are the recover drill, the high low drill, the point situation drill and the bouncing overhead drill.

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